Service maintenance at GWDG, May 18th 2017

We scheduled a general server maintenance at GWDG on May 18th between 15:00 and 17:00 o’clock. During the maintenance the registration and update of PIDs of the following prefixes 11022 11325 11372 11378 11459 11538 21.11101 21.11104 21.11105 21.11107 21.11108 21.11102 21.11103 21.11112 won’t be possible. The resolution, however, won’t be affected since it is covered … [Read more…]

Service maintenance at GWDG March 17th

The maintenance includes the following steps: 1) moving the server to a different network 2) changing hostnames 3) upgrading to the newest version of the Handle software 4) upgrading to the newest version of the ePIC API If you have any questions concerning the changes or the downtime please do not hesitate to contact us:

Improved PID resolution times

The problem of occasional long response times for PID resolution could be solved by forcing the resolution system for a prefix to use only TCP for all necessary communication. These occasional long response times for PID resolution are due to package losses caused by the cross atlantic WAN communication between the Handle Proxy Server, the … [Read more…]

latest Technical Board Meeting

The Members of the ePIC consortium met for the Technical Board Meeting on November 24th via videoconference. Details can be found on the member project page, which is restricted to the affiliated members of ePIC .